Saturday, July 14

Writing: #1 Intro

"There's a huge difference between wanting to be a writer and writing. The first is your own self reward, while the second is the work you do to get the reward."
~ Quoted from a movie, "Shortcut to happiness"

I've been writing a lot. in my head. Have you read any? off course not, I haven't either!

Anyway, this post has come in the right time in so many ways. Because...

This is the post #100 on my two years old blog. And I wanted it to be special. So this's how much special I can come up with. Besides, it's my only chance for a good come back, and a new start.

Do you have any idea how much has it taken me to come here and write this post?!

Well, the idea came to me exactly a year ago. Then some time in the mid of this last year I've developed and processed the idea and decided to make a project out of it. And I have fought myself really hard in order to actually start writing. again. Myself has been telling me to wait for the right time, yet myself never succeeded to answer my question: 'When?!' When is the right time, anyway, to do the right thing? or even just the thing you love to do? .. I know, I now know. The right time is simply now! NOW is the answer. "It's now or never." Yes that's right!

So right now is the right time for me to start this project and actually win the battle. I wish to share with you all that I know about this thing I have some passion for. Some people do it for living, others do it for pleasure. It could end, and it could start, lives, wars, and relations. This inspiring thing that could revive souls, switch on the lights in a dark room, and make blind eyes see clearly. It's so important that nations would fall apart without it. Or that's how I see it. It's huge that a single post won't be enough to cover all its aspects. A series of writings is then what I should do.

And I think you could easily guess what it is? Have you read the title? Yes, I'll write a series of writings about Writing!
Stay tuned ;) .. For I'm coming back. I promise.

I will come back! soon enough.
See ya ;)