Sunday, October 24

29 Basic Rules!

Rule #0: Trust yourself.
Rule #1: Be honest. Don't fake!
Rule #2: Believe in fairy tales.
Rule #3: Approve that time is your friend, not your enemy.
Rule #4: Think by your heart and feel with your mind.
Rule #5: Abandon the pursuit of happiness. Happiness comes to you, not you go for it!
Rule #6: Watch your language!
Rule #7: Be open hearted, more than open minded.
Rule #8: Show compassion.
Rule #9: Admit it when you're mistaken.
Rule #10: Don't lock yourself inside. Live for others.
Rule #11: Hold on people, not things.
Rule #12: Keep Smiling. You never know how much you affect someone else's life by a simple smile.
Rule #13: Do your thing and keep it up.
Rule #14: Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Or else, Don't go.
Rule #15: Take care of everything that concerns you, because everything starts from You.
Rule #16: Know that this moment will pass. So don't worry about it.
Rule #17: Be true to your word, your act and your friend.
Rule #18: Believe in your dreams.
Rule #19: Have faith.
Rule #20: Value relationships.
Rule #21: Listen before you speak.
Rule #22: Don't keep it inside. Let them know how you feel.
Rule #23: Don't judge people, judge the acts.
Rule #24: Hope for the best, but consider the worst.
Rule #25: Never start an argument.
Rule #26: Be Patient.
Rule #27: Every now and then go where you have never been.
Rule #27: And most importantly, Believe that what happens to you is the best that could ever happen.

Tuesday, October 12


It's NOT mine. But, I truly wish it was because it's more than beautiful. And I can't but love it. So, at least it has to be posted here. =)

"My Tears …. Some stay back, some roll down

Some I am ashamed of, some are my crown.

Some curse me, some bless me

Some are my protector, some undress me.

Some make me silly, some make me proud.

Some make me realize I am alone in the crowd.

Some wander around b’coz they feel lonely in the eye,

Some free themselves, just to ask me the question WHY

My Tears …. I once tasted them, they were bit salty,

On the way down they said that I am faulty.

Many times they make me realize my mistake,

They are the first to tell me – ‘Give life a second Take’.

My tears are my mirror to this counterfeit world

They reflect the image of the society still unheard.

They show me a true path and work as a Myth- breaker,

They have their own manipulated mind, they work as a story creator.

My Tears …. I take them positively and see them as a weight loss

I cut short their journey and show them Who’s the Boss.

They sarcastically tell me that Life can take a Toss

They simply don’t leave ur eye, they come out for a cause.

Some say that the tear is the best armour of a woman

Some say that the tear is an indication of a bad Omen.

But I feel that the tear is a Blessing in disguise,

They also force you to compromise with Life.

My Tears …. Even they cry … They request me to atleast Try

When I start sobbing, even they run dry.

Sometimes Life take its toll, I cry for no reason at all

I pity my tears as they have to bear the burden of my

Down fall

See … they have started coming out again

They are the first one to realize my Pain.

They console me, they don’t let my sacrifices go in Vain

They die for me without having any personal gain.

Now I have started fearing when I see my tear,

I can’t see myself in pain, I simply can’t bear.

I am proud of my tears, they are my pearl

My mom says I cry like a Little girl.

My tears keep me grounded, it retains my sanity,

I cry for others, it proves my humanity.

My tears are my teachers, they give me a silent explanation

My tears are my friends, they are my own ’soul search engine’. "

~ Unknown Writer !

Sunday, October 10

The tears of my heart

They are not tears of sadness...They come deep from the heart. My heart is bearing more than it can hold, and it can bear no more. So, it's letting my eyes share the feelings, and the eyes can't speak except through tears.

They are because I love so much; my life is so amazingly filled with love. I truly mean it when I tell someone 'I Love You'. And a lot of true deep love, the kind of love that is towards Allah, sob7anoh w ta3alla, the love that is for Allah, is so worth the tears. Loving things and people 'f Allah'!! That's truly something I couldn't explain, nor I can now. But, I never felt it before like I'm feeling it now.

They are because I'm so much blessed, blessed by amazing people around me, blessed by discovering a whole new world, blessed by knowing things I never knew before, blessed by viewing the world from a whole different perspective. I'm blessed with life, and specifically the kind of life I'm living. And this just makes me wonder, now what is it that is asked from me in return to all these blessings. How can I pay for these blessings that I can't afford, nor can I reject. But I know that Allah won't leave me till I find my Why and How.
It's like I'm on the first step starting my life, starting to know where am I heading to, or at least where I want to head to. I just wish I never get lost. I wish I could tape every second of my life now, just to watch this tape every time I get lost again and remember what I'm for. And sometimes I just wish to take a very long pause!
At the same time, even though I'm not done yet, I still fear what's coming and I wish my life could end now before I make more mistakes.

They are because I can't stand being something that is less than the perfect I see in my head, and I know I'm way too far away from such a place. I truly do wish everything around me was just perfect.....No, I wish I'm and my life are perfect. It's not because I'm selfish, it's only because I know I can only change me and everything that is about me. And if I'm perfect, just everything else will fit into place and be perfect too. There are just too many parameters in my perfection equation, and whenever I solve a side, the other side falls down. It's an equation that is never meant to be solved, I know...But I think I'll just live my whole life trying to solve this equation, and I'm not giving up! I know I can get there, very easily actually. All it needs is a little persistence and the spirit of challenge!

They are also because I'm so happy for being who I am. Actually as I get to know me, I like me more. It's good to like yourself, it's the first step of Inner Peace and self satisfaction. I think they are because I'm amazed to know that myself is actually worth liking and loving at least by me. I'm someone who's truly good, and truly amazing! I like who I am, and I am who I am, I wish not to change, I only wish to be better.
I just still couldn't believe that is true about me. Hell NO, I'm not amazing nor that I rock. I'm just normal! It's because everyone is just like me, and actually there are people who are way better than I am. But, I don't seek being better than anyone, I only want to be better than my self! I think I'll never get satisfied, because I'll always be looking for the perfect version of me.

They are the tears of learning, experiencing, living the way it should be lived. They are healthy tears. They are tears of an awake. And, I'm not sleeping again. Inshaa'Allah ta3alla =)

Sorry, for letting the thought take more than its time...but it was a speechless thought that found its way through the words. =))

Thursday, October 7

The loop of living!

You set Rules.
You go on following the rules you put for your inner peace.
You achieve the Rules' objectives, you're happy, you're satisfied, you're fun and you're perfect due to your own terms of perfection.
You live happily, and get lost in your happiness till your happiness blinds you from all that you have suffered once before, all that happened before and made you consider setting the Rules.
So, you lose the Rules, you lose the objectives, you lose your achievements, you lose your happiness, your perfection and your inner peace!
Then you start the suffering phase once more, you go through grief, you start to feel unhappy, insecure, unsatisfied and lost.
Moments of failure that couldn't disappear except by setting some new rules for success and happiness. So, you start setting those rules.
And, You set Rules....... then the loop just follows in the exact same route!


Tuesday, October 5

A fall down !

It's hard seeing a strong structure fall down!!
Was it faking being strong? Or was I blinded to see it strong?
Or is it just a heavy strong wind of change that is just re-shaping the structure of the structure?!
But I don't like it to re-shape...nor I want to face a truth like it was all fake!

Why does everything around us just always seem to change? Why everything that was the most beautiful in our lives fades away and gets lost?!

Sometimes I don't understand people, when I see them not compromising! Or not caring enough about others feelings! Especially between people who connects them a strong relation, a strong structure, like I say. Do, they mean not to care? Don't they see that the structure is worth compromising for?!

Okey, I'll go on with the word that we should give reasons to others, maybe they are just in too much pain, to show care to others...But what about others, aren't they in pain too??
Why is it always others' role to compromise and see others' pains!? -- I feel like you got completely lost in my thoughts right now!

It was just a thought, a negative one! =( ... That misses good old friends, who care no matter what! True friends who care unintentionally and unconditionally. And It calls for such a friendship once again, a friendship that is considered as a long lasting friendship, not one that is constrained by an event!
It also calls for pure, nice, warm-hearted feelings and relations between people to come back into this world! That's something that it truly finds rare nowadays!

Thank you for listening to the thought as it speaks through those cold uncoloured lines... =)

Saturday, October 2

Obsession !!

The phase that is just before falling in love, the phase where you like someone a lot, the phase whenever anyone mentions his name, you just blush, and whenever you get the chance to start talking about him, no one can stop you!

It's breath taking, like your heart skips a beat every time you see him, or when his name is mentioned somewhere!

All your dreams become represented in one person. Every song, quote or movie just seems to fit him the most!

Then you become obsessed, you start watching him as he speaks, walks, or even smiles... You start doing everything you can to get his attention towards you. But at the same time, you do everything you can to get your obsession out of his way, you're avoiding him - you wouldn't like it if he knew you're obsessed!

You start translating every word, every act he does, just to fit your wonderful imagination. You start making excuses and stories about why he's not talking to you as much as you wish. You might say that he's avoiding you too, because he also has some crush towards you!!
Now, that's totally insane!

And every other girl who talks about him, to him, or just get in his way, is a total threat to you; she's totally your enemy!
He's the man of your dreams, and no one likes sharing dreams, especially when they come to reality. She'll be the luckiest, you think, this girl who would captivate his heart.
You really wish it's you!

Only then you start thinking if only you knew how he feels about you, then you would be relieved! Like you'll eventually stop thinking about all of this.
Well it's nonsense, you wouldn't be relieved except if he said that he likes you too!!

It's over Now, you're on the edge falling in LOVE!

All these feelings makes you feel like a sweet little teenage girl who's having her first crush. How beautiful are those feelings, how happy they make you... =)

Only during this phase, in my opinion, you experience the best feelings of love. Love at its first months is the most beautiful. You're flying without wings, you're happy, satisfied, free, cheerful, wonderful, amazing, and energetic. You feel like dancing and singing all the time. 
And you think you can't figure why!!
But not true, you know why. You just don't like admitting it, specially to others; it's enough admitting it to yourself!

It's the most beautiful, when during this first stage of love it's not a single side love, it's a love from both sides, but maybe a hidden love story. It would be the most perfect, when you hide your love deeply from someone, then you suddenly discover that you're loved back with the exact same extent, and maybe more, by the exact same person!

Perfectly, It would be so good to be feeling these feelings all the time, even after a long term relationship; where everyday is a renewal day of your love life!

I have one last thought that comes and goes on my mind: Love is so mysterious, so weird, so unique. It doesn't matter how much you are loved, it only matters how much you love. Because you always seek the attention of the person you love. Whenever you do anything that all the people appreciate you for it, it's not pleasing as much as when this person you love appreciates it. You don't feel beautiful until he tells you that you're beautiful. And you always do whatever it takes to show him how much you love him, even if there are many others who deserve your love more than him, you just can't give your love except only to him...

P.S: Whoever thinks I'm living my own imaginative first stage crush phase time...Please don't worry about me, I'm totally in control with my emotions and feelings. I'm not a teenage girl, I'm a mature young lady. =) Thank you!

♥ ♥

" And most importantly, wait for the man who is more in love with God than with you. ♥ "

This quote just makes me speechless, and it makes me wish to cry with love :')
It's the most thing that is worth waiting for, and I'm waiting...and I'm not settling with anything that is less than that inshaa'Allah........Oh my God, how I wish for such a man =) :$
♥ !

اللهم لا تحرمنا خير ما عندك بسوء ما عندنا وعاملنا بما انت اهله ولا تعاملنا بما نحن اهله