Tuesday, October 5

A fall down !

It's hard seeing a strong structure fall down!!
Was it faking being strong? Or was I blinded to see it strong?
Or is it just a heavy strong wind of change that is just re-shaping the structure of the structure?!
But I don't like it to re-shape...nor I want to face a truth like it was all fake!

Why does everything around us just always seem to change? Why everything that was the most beautiful in our lives fades away and gets lost?!

Sometimes I don't understand people, when I see them not compromising! Or not caring enough about others feelings! Especially between people who connects them a strong relation, a strong structure, like I say. Do, they mean not to care? Don't they see that the structure is worth compromising for?!

Okey, I'll go on with the word that we should give reasons to others, maybe they are just in too much pain, to show care to others...But what about others, aren't they in pain too??
Why is it always others' role to compromise and see others' pains!? -- I feel like you got completely lost in my thoughts right now!

It was just a thought, a negative one! =( ... That misses good old friends, who care no matter what! True friends who care unintentionally and unconditionally. And It calls for such a friendship once again, a friendship that is considered as a long lasting friendship, not one that is constrained by an event!
It also calls for pure, nice, warm-hearted feelings and relations between people to come back into this world! That's something that it truly finds rare nowadays!

Thank you for listening to the thought as it speaks through those cold uncoloured lines... =)

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