Tuesday, October 12


It's NOT mine. But, I truly wish it was because it's more than beautiful. And I can't but love it. So, at least it has to be posted here. =)

"My Tears …. Some stay back, some roll down

Some I am ashamed of, some are my crown.

Some curse me, some bless me

Some are my protector, some undress me.

Some make me silly, some make me proud.

Some make me realize I am alone in the crowd.

Some wander around b’coz they feel lonely in the eye,

Some free themselves, just to ask me the question WHY

My Tears …. I once tasted them, they were bit salty,

On the way down they said that I am faulty.

Many times they make me realize my mistake,

They are the first to tell me – ‘Give life a second Take’.

My tears are my mirror to this counterfeit world

They reflect the image of the society still unheard.

They show me a true path and work as a Myth- breaker,

They have their own manipulated mind, they work as a story creator.

My Tears …. I take them positively and see them as a weight loss

I cut short their journey and show them Who’s the Boss.

They sarcastically tell me that Life can take a Toss

They simply don’t leave ur eye, they come out for a cause.

Some say that the tear is the best armour of a woman

Some say that the tear is an indication of a bad Omen.

But I feel that the tear is a Blessing in disguise,

They also force you to compromise with Life.

My Tears …. Even they cry … They request me to atleast Try

When I start sobbing, even they run dry.

Sometimes Life take its toll, I cry for no reason at all

I pity my tears as they have to bear the burden of my

Down fall

See … they have started coming out again

They are the first one to realize my Pain.

They console me, they don’t let my sacrifices go in Vain

They die for me without having any personal gain.

Now I have started fearing when I see my tear,

I can’t see myself in pain, I simply can’t bear.

I am proud of my tears, they are my pearl

My mom says I cry like a Little girl.

My tears keep me grounded, it retains my sanity,

I cry for others, it proves my humanity.

My tears are my teachers, they give me a silent explanation

My tears are my friends, they are my own ’soul search engine’. "

~ Unknown Writer !

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