Thursday, October 7

The loop of living!

You set Rules.
You go on following the rules you put for your inner peace.
You achieve the Rules' objectives, you're happy, you're satisfied, you're fun and you're perfect due to your own terms of perfection.
You live happily, and get lost in your happiness till your happiness blinds you from all that you have suffered once before, all that happened before and made you consider setting the Rules.
So, you lose the Rules, you lose the objectives, you lose your achievements, you lose your happiness, your perfection and your inner peace!
Then you start the suffering phase once more, you go through grief, you start to feel unhappy, insecure, unsatisfied and lost.
Moments of failure that couldn't disappear except by setting some new rules for success and happiness. So, you start setting those rules.
And, You set Rules....... then the loop just follows in the exact same route!


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