Wednesday, June 8


A conversation that I had with Life:

Me: I hate you and I don't want to live you anymore!
Life: Stop trying to get upset and ignore me. You never succeed!
Me: Well, this time I have to because I'm totally fed up of you and all the people who live you.
Life: Okay, besides the people part, that thing I can't help with. I'll only defend myself! Tell me only one good reason to hate me and I'll just disappear and let you do what you want. 
Me: Okay, You don't give me anything at all. And I expect a lot from you! That's why I have to stop expecting anything. I hate you already as you always drift me away from what would really give me the best and everything I want. You drift me away from doing what I have to do to get the best. And that's why I don't want to care about you or about anyone who's living you anymore!
Life: That's true. But let me explain why I do this. I'm not doing it on purpose. You know, it's like a reaction for your actions. I never do anything to anyone who doesn't deserve it. People say life isn't fair, but it isn't fair for everyone, so it's fair enough. 
I didn't drive you away or do anything of that crap you say, these are just illusions made up by your sick mind. If you want to do something and get it, then move forward and do it. Don't expect me to give you everything while you are sitting at your place doing nothing but just expecting. Back to the reaction action part; you don't take an action, so I don't give you a reaction back. That's it!
ME: No, I give you a lot! And there's where I went wrong! I gave you what you didn't deserve! I cared though you never or ever will care. I just need to stop giving you anything! That doesn't mean that I will stop my actions. But my actions will never be again to please you. Not to mention that I'll never expect any of your reactions. I'm fed up with you. I'm fed up with expecting you to be good!
Life: Okay, fine! You know maybe this is the solution for you and me. Maybe the reason you hate me is because you do it for me. DO IT FOR YOURSELF. Yes exactly as you said. Do it and never expect anything in return, because everything you do, even if you didn't get anything back, is only for your own sake. And when I find that you really deserve it, you'll get it back, as a reaction but never as an action!

Well, I then had nothing to say, because I got convinced. Thank you life, you always understand yourself well. And let me understand you well too.

Life is as bad as it gets, but you have to keep living it as best as you can get.

The actors in order:
Salma El-Khamy as in Me. (that's me)
Salma Emaduddin as in Life.

Yes, me and Salma have co-authored this written piece. 


Salma said...

:') :') I simply love you so much <3 :)

Abdo.Y said...

=) great cooperation for a nice post ;) nice work gurls :)

I like it :) JAK :)

life el sara7a sabetetek ya salmaK :D

Dreamy said...

You Always do Masterpieces together :)

Mayar said...

I really do like it :)))) keep up your talents girlzz :)