Monday, September 12


A race that is all made up by my mind, and thus it doesn't resemble any of the races you had ever known because simply it's a race that doesn't match any of the races' rules.

The race's participants are us, some friends and I.


It's a race. And we're all in it together. The road on which we're racing is filled with mountains, hills, rivers and valleys. It's a very tough and a very rough road. There are no rules for the race, nothing at all. You can walk, ride a bike or ride a horse. You can swim, take a boat or just float. You can stay still and never move or you can speed up till you can no longer move at all. You can climb the mountain or move around it. You can even take a shortcut; but sometimes shortcuts are just a waste of time. There are only two rules; one is that you have to start at the start point and you have to finish at the finish point. Two is that it's a race that is made up of levels. The more time you spend racing, the higher the level you reach.

We all get to start from the same starting point together; at the same time. But each one of us is destined to finish at a certain finish point; a finish point that each one of us has pre-planned and worked for individually. I have just passed level one. Some of us had started level two, others are still on level one making their way out and others, like me, are just waiting aimlessly, maybe they are just gearing up for level two. Level two, for me, is much more difficult than level one. In level two, we get to make up our way, our own road; the road on which we'll be racing. We don't get to start level two together and thus we get shattered; we're no longer close to each other. And obviously level two is still undetermined.

On the other side, level one was already planned for us; it was already determined. The road was clear and mountains were easy to climb. All we had to do is to walk and enjoy. All we had to do is to race as much as our abilities can take us. We all took our first steps together as we all had to start level one at the same starting point, together. We were just starting and thus we were good and healthy, we even had fun and played together. We weren't taking it too serious, we were free and we thought we would stay all our life just in level one. But time has passed and soon we had to leave the freedom of level one to get to level two.

It was kind of easy to pass level one and so we all did though we didn't all reach the start of level two together. And starting level two we get to disperse. Now each one of us is starting level two on his own. But as we'll keep on moving we'll be meeting others who have been racing their races as well, and then they'll get drift away once again. The best thing in level two is that you have the whole area to joggle in. You can even move backwards, sideways or zigzagged. All you've got to do is to plan your route and build your road. And now as I get to plan for my own path and build my own road, I'll have a plan to even work harder and smooth the road I walk, for others who'll be following me. And I'll never forget the levels to come ahead; they'll be the light that I'll be running towards.

And the race will stay on till the end…

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