Sunday, May 2

A Day for Fun

Few days ago I've lived a day that I've been waiting for years. Actually no I haven't been waiting for it, the fact is that it's a tradition to have such a day every year and this year happens to be ours to celebrate. I thought it would be a boring day! Last year I planned not to attend it, but when it came this year I found myself unable to miss it, yet I wasn't that much excited. But it happened and I was there and it was a day that I can never ever forget. And after so many years later, I'll remember this day and say "I was so happy back then, I wish I can get back to there". I have got to admit, that I was so foolish to never get excited for such a day, for it truly turned out to be the day that can never be forgotten! A forever-in-the-heart day! And that is for many reasons...

One, I amazed myself by how free and delightful I was! That was how I felt.

Two, let's thank my awesome friends for it. If they weren't who they are I wouldn't have been who I was or felt this much happy.

Three, I got to know that I do know lots of people out there who wishes me the best and I wish them the best too.

Four, Everyone was happy in his own unique way; we were all united under the same intention: to be happy and to have fun. And such a unity was something so amazing to feel. Imagine walking in the street meeting strangers but you can easily tell how they feel because we all have the same feelings inside!

Five, I met people who I know so little about, like only their names; I know them since five years ago and still each time I meet them we give each other very warm greetings. I met others who were once never apart of me, let's say 8 years ago, and this day they felt like complete strangers, though this day should have been our best celebration. Irony! And I also met those who I've planned with them for this day five years ago, and when the day came, I didn't even recognize their voices on the phone. And people I've been looking for all the day long to finally find them standing over there waiting for me to join and just seeing them has literally made my day.

Six, pictures pictures pictures, even pictures that I had no idea about, even strangers taking pictures of strangers. And wishes and signs all over the t-shirts, even strangers. I met this girl who asked me if she could sign on my t-shirt just because I'm a going-to-be a graduate; I don't even know her name, she doesn't know mine either! And the loud voices and sounds, Fireworks and drums and singing and dancing, hats and balloons and graffiti ... Everything, every happy thing that shows extreme happiness!

Seven, an incredible so-long-waiting outing with this all-over-written t-shirts and no money at all! That was the best out of all; doing crazy stuff, but stuff that had to be done, with no thinking and just going for it because we were so filled with all the happiness and enthusiasm and laughs and giggles from deep inside of our hearts. We are seniors and graduating so soon, getting free from a system we've been trapped in for so long, having a wonderful life ahead to enjoy and plan for, dreaming wildly to change our worlds and have all of our amazing dreams coming true. That's huge, really; it truly deserves a huge celebration, just like the one we had, the best to have.

And so many and many reasons... But seven is my lucky number and seven happy reasons are enough to make such a day memorable forever, though it needs nothing to have it stay in my heart and mind forever. And I mean forever! :)

Finally, I wish to tell you, and you know yourselves well, that I love you so much and so deeply from all of my heart, and nothing would ever make me forget you, not the days, nor any long years that can challenge us to be apart. I promise you, my heart will forever remember you! ♥ ♥ 


Reem said...

How come this is the first time I read this post!!! ='))))))))))
I love you my sweet loomz <3 <3 <3
and you are all really precious for me and for that I will cherish you forever and ever! <3 <3

Salma said...

I think I didn't read this one too before :( ...
I love it awii .. and I love you more and more my sweet lovely loomz <3<3