Sunday, June 27

My First everything ..... !!

OK, here we go :)) My First Blog, First Post ... hope it's not the last isA.
I've been postponing this step for a while, then I thought till when will I postpone the step that I see as my first step to be Me, just Me.... So, I just took the step courageously -it's Now or Never- and began to write my First.... !

For the first time of my whole life -well, I'm only 20 years, so I actually don't have such a big life :)- But, it's my first time that I find out about a passion that I do have...and it's "writing" - as I claim. That feeling where you are actually free to say what you want to say, without getting the fear of being not heard, or getting a rejection or criticism, just getting out all that you feel about. I'm actually passionate about Words, words that have a meaning. I love having conversations with people, even strangers, about some quote that I like, and start getting out every meaning out of it.So, I admitted my passion keeping it in mind, but with no plans of taking any steps to actually start practising my passion.

Even though it's actually a very simple and common passion among people, I never wrote anything before, except the stories I used to write in my English class at school.
And suddenly, out of nowhere, I found out about this Blogger ... And, I figured it out..I'll start writing..I've plenty of things to talk about, all these feelings I always bother my mind with, I'll just lay them on to this blog. And I set my account - here's a good step.

Then came my fears, that always push me back from doing anything good.
ONLINE POSTS!!? Normal people have a notebook, a diary, where they secretly write down their feelings and keep it to themselves. AND, I've to be PROFESSIONAL to write -here comes my name that I chose "Perfectionist", I just can't do anything unless it's perfect, and nothing is perfect !! "Okay, I'll take classes on how to improve my writing skills, then start" !!!

But then, I just couldn't wait....I'm highly emotional, I love expressing myself, I'm fed up talking to myself, and I have plenty of things to talk about. And about my fears, I'll get over them by time, and isA I'll improve my writing .. :))

So, Let's see...And wait for my next, I'm keeping it up isA :))

Thanks for reading :)

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