Saturday, July 17

My Time

When will my time come, when I'll do everything I wish to do?
When will I have my own life to live,
my own home to build,
my own happiness to share, my own decisions to take,
my own rules to set, my own plans, my own time?

I started to feel jealous!!

But I know, when it comes to me, I'll do it. I'll do it my way and I'll do it right. I'll live it at better and at worse. I'll accept it for all its goods and bads. And I'll be happy, so happy isA. :)

I hope, when it comes, I don't forget this, I don't forget all my plans of how doing it right, happily and in my own unique way.
I wish I'd really be happy as I dream to be.
I wish I really get satisfied, like I say now.
I wish I could feel it, feel its glory, like how I'm longing for it now.

I can't wait to see how it will be and how I'll be managing it.

And I just know you're out there wishing for the same.
You too can't wait to know how would it be, or how would it feel.
But you're waiting for the right time to show up.

Just please don't be late, for I'll be waiting for you to save me from the misery of these thoughts inside my head.

But just then comes another fear, another misery of more painful thoughts. But that's just another story!

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