Monday, July 19

Strange Condition !

- Strange how you wish to cry, when you're actually smiling, or even laughing

- Strange how you can laugh deeply from your heart, like you've never got hurt before, just after you have been crying hard, and you're not faking it !

- Strange how you can actually miss something you hate so much, so much !

- Strange how you can never know how it feels until you actually experience it, and how you think that others' are just over reacting, but when you feel it, then you know how were they !

- Strange how sometimes you've got to lose in order to win !

- Strange how dreams can feel this real !

- Strange how you can feel like a stranger when you're around people you should be knowing well, and just the opposite with people you meet for the first time!

- Strange how you choose not to choose the right choice even you know it's the right one !

- Strange how you commit a mistake that you know you will regret !

- Strange how sometimes to move forwards, you have to move downwards !

- Strange how you're never happy enough with everything you do just because the thing you want to do most is not what you're doing !

- Strange how you always seek the answers that you know will hurt you the most !

- Strange how you, yourself, get yourself in a waiting loop and then wish to know how to get out of it !

- Strange how can you keep waiting for things you know will never happen, and Strange that when they do happen, you haven't been waiting at all, so you don't get to feel the glory !

- Strange how can a single silly mistake makes everything go wrong, and you become fearful, worried and unsatisfied !

- Strange how sometimes Silence can be the strongest weapon !

- Strange how when you get caught with an idea, nothing can make you change your mind, or see the truth !

- Strange how you dig deep to find anything to blame, as a way to heal your wounds !

- Strange how people hurt each other unintentionally. It's funny how hurted people can actually hurt each other.

- Strange how everything can still remind you, while you have never forgot at all !

- Strange how you can wish someone happy wishes, and he never knows ! The same goes for bad wishes !

- Strange how we all have the exact feelings, like there's never new feelings to be invented !

- Strange how life has all these contradictions, and you just have to accept them all !

........................ and still life has many more strange conditions !

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