Thursday, July 15

Same but different !!

Everything is exactly the same, but so different at the same time. The exact same place, with the same people, but different conditions, different feelings, different stories, different relations.
Even me, I'm exactly the same, same figure, same outfit, same style, even the same character. Well actually I'm the same person!
But I'm different, I have different memories, I got different experiences, different interests....I feel different. I became wiser! I talk less, I listen more. Maybe it's because I have nothing to say, although I have been through many, more than many.
I just can't figure it out. There's has been many changes, but I just can't recall them. I can't trace what has happened, but I know what happened was enough to change me, and yet everything is just the same. So contradicting, so strange, and yet so typical ! :)

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