Tuesday, April 19

To a never-to-forget...

I'll miss the messages!
I'll miss the ways we study together!
I'll miss picking you up!
I'll miss the breaks between the lectures!
I'll miss "El-genaina" and the wonderful people I meet there!
I'll miss the loud laughs!
I'll miss the way we always bother each other with our silly attitudes!
I'll miss our talks specially when the talks had some philosophy to explain!
I'll miss the hours when we just stand there "3nd el game3" after the exam waiting to see if we'll go out or not!
I'll miss our long lovely meaningless crazy conversations on facebook and twitter through statuses, comments, photos and tweets; specially on the exams' eve!
I'll miss the Club-Studying days! I'll miss the cats there!
I'll miss the projects!
I'll miss the crazy pictures!
I'll miss our gatherings!
I'll miss our rare outings!
I'll miss how we desperately always plan for the outings!
I'll miss the waffles! 
I'll miss your home!
I'll miss praying together "gama3a"!
I'll miss our own unique "tahyees"!
I'll miss that strawberry drink!
I'll miss your obsession with pepsi!
I'll miss the "maccarona" in every way it could be eaten! 
I'll miss your coffee and chocolate!
I'll miss the plans we try to put!
I'll miss the long meetings!
I'll miss the smiles!
I'll miss the talks!
I'll miss the dreams!
I'll miss the walks!
I'll miss the hugs!
I'll miss the discussions!
I'll miss the gmail chats!
I'll miss the standards!!
I'll miss waiting for the meetings to start!
I'll miss the craziness!
I'll miss "Pizza King"!!
I'll miss singing!
I'll miss listening to songs with you!
I'll miss listening to you as you speak fast and I never get it!
I'll miss reading your writings!
I'll miss the "2alsh" online meetings and mails!
I'll miss the hard days!
I'll miss the working meetings!
I'll miss the plans!
I'll miss the family that cares too much on its members!
I'll miss the tearful meetings!
I'll miss the "One Movement" that we always manage to make!
I'll miss the inspiring messages!
I'll miss the phone calls that come on critical times!
I'll miss the serious talks we have!
I'll miss feeling the emotional synchronism! 
I'll miss your support in every way!

I'll miss YOU most of all! :)

** To be updated if I figured what else I'll miss! :)


Reem said...

I LOVE! <3 <3 <3 ='))))))))

Yasmina said...

this brought tears to my eyes and i was trying to save all the thoughts and the tears to some other time

Reem said...

ya salma this is really beautiful =)))) From the title to every feeling every word your wrote held =')))))

Salma said...

Ya Reem :):) :') ... It's all about you! :) YOU're who's beautiful :)

Yasmine! I couldn't keep the thoughts much longer! :)

I'm sorry I brought you the tears! :)

Ashraf said...

I'm fearing the day I shall face all that =(=(

Salma said...

I can't get over my teary smiling eyes =') =') ...
I want to add:
I'll miss Heliopolis-study-days, or I'd call it naps most of the time =D
I'll miss going to the club and enjoying the sun =)
I'll miss what we go through together, all of them goods and bads
I'll miss our conversations all over the lecture and not even hearing a word !! =D

I can count all of our moments together and add them to never to be forgotten =')
I love youu <3<3