Monday, September 27


When you get captured by a smile, a charming smile, then you just couldn't let it or even it's owner out of your mind! It's a smile that makes you smile too, a smile that you long to see, a smile that makes you happy for him that he's smiling, a smile that if it were in your hands you would do anything just to see this smile on his face.

And such a charming smile needs a charming prince, the one who would be:
"سنداً يحميني وفؤاداً يؤينى، يغفر زلاتي ويقيل عثراتي ويتجاوز عن هفواتي ويعلمني ويربيني ويعليني... يصلح خطئي دون أن يحرجني... يستر عيبي دون أن يفضحني....وبيني وبينه ينصحني..... يذكرني بنعمـ ربي... ويحفظ عرضي... . . .يشاركني صلاتي..... وقرآني.. وصيامي
~ copied

I have found such a charming smile, but I still can't find my charming prince.

♥...If I get my charming prince with his charming smile, then I'll live charming happily ever after...

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