Thursday, September 23

Lessons learned

Lesson #1: "One starts living when one starts living outside himself."
I discovered that it doesn't work if you blocked yourself away from all others, and just kept living with yourself claiming that you're so tired and sick of people, and you would be unfair to them by dealing with them when you're in such a state. This won't solve the problem or let you get out of this can't get out of yourself without trying to engage with others. Unless, you just don't want to get out of yourself, and at this point don't you ever blame others for not trying to help you or at least ask about you...because of lesson #2.
Happiness is living for others. Happiness is never attained when one's thoughts are only locked up about one's self. So, as how much you want to be happy is how much you have to live OUTSIDE yourself...So, get outside yourself and be Happy!

Lesson #2: "No one can help you better than yourself."
It's so pointless talking with others and seeking their help, helping yourself. However how much they care, however how much they want to help, their help would never be enough or satisfying you. Because yourself doesn't obey except YOU! So, it's only up to you and yourself. No one else can ever be included. The real help you need, is how to help myself! That's it!! and those who care to help you must understand this well, that they are just helping you help yourself, at the end of the day it's your call, not their's. They should not be ever baised towards a certain opinion that is their's and not yours...they are only there to motivate you to take your call.

Lesson#3: "After the darkest night, there's the brightest morning."

Haven't you ever thought that life can be regarded as ups and downs, after every down their's an up, and when you're at the up you feel like you're the happiest one on earth, and it's your happiest moment ever, even so you had similar happy moments before?!
If it weren't for the downs, you wouldn't have felt the ups like this high and happy ups!
So please, don't you ever lose the hope that after every down there's a high up, and that the down is just a reason, or indication, for the high up that is coming inshaa'Allah.
As long as you're keeping the limits that Allah has put for you, Allah will always bring you the highest and happiest ups ever inshaa'Allah =))

** To Be Continued, Keep tuned! =)

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