Thursday, September 2

Facing the FAKE ME !

I'm FAKE !

I'm a Selfish, Liar, Double-Faced person. I'm someone who lacks dignity and self respect. And I cause damage to the lives of the people who come too close to me.

I think I'm someone who deserves not to live.

Well, I'm not that desperate...But I think my life can never be the same as it was before, and I'm strongly broken into pieces that I can never put them back into place...And no one is to be blamed except me! And I don't learn enough!

All I was asking for was a chance from life, a chance to set everything straight! It's either I failed, or I wasn't deserving such a chance! I know It was not meant to be! And I was a fool to think once more that It can happen! .... But now, I can't face life after all the hurt I caused myself...How can I bear myself any more...How can I listen to people saying how much they love me, and I know that I don't deserve such a love....Simply because I'm a Liar......I'm FAKE !!

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Salma said...

Replying to this:

The next day I wrote this post, Faith gave me one more chance to set some things right. El7amdolellah =)

This time I hope I never lose this chance or waste it. Because I must have learned something, and I knew how much it hurts and how much I lost before. So, isA I'm not losing again! =) Wish me Luck :)