Friday, September 3

The Energy of Love

Life taught me that it doesn't matter if people love me or not, I always have to love everyone. And thus, the love will come back to me by it's own terms. It's like energy, can't be created nor destroyed, but transforms from one form into another. Indeed Love is Energy =)

'Love' is a mystery. You can only accept it as it is and accept the rules it puts to itself. You've to admit that it has its own reasons, for coming whenever it likes, for getting strong, or even for fading away. All you have to do is maintain loving the love, and hating the hate. Don't get advantage of love, don't revenge for love. Simply don't use love as a motive for anything that's towards the darker side, because 'Love' is the brightest thing humanity has ever seen, and will ever see.

And whenever you try to destroy 'Love', it will always prove you wrong, prove that it's stronger than all your dark thoughts. "Love always wins" that's a rule no one can break or work against, and if you tried, you'll just be the most loser.

Three simple requests:
  • Accept 'Love' with all its reasons, whether they are good or bad.
Don't play against 'Love', you'll lose.
  • Don't stop loving 'Love'. =)

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