Thursday, December 23

Discrete Thoughts...

- This year I have learnt alot; and all that I have learnt makes me feel that my life is all ahead of me to enjoy and do all the things I've just learnt, the things I wish to do.

- Now I know. If there's one thing I have to improve, that will be my concetration and FOCUS ON WHAT I really want TO DO.

- To myself: "Salma, never forget this. You're someone totally great and amazing. And no one has the right to make you feel otherwise."

- I thank the day God let you be in my life. And I thank you for selecting my life to get involved with.

- My life has changed by a single phone call that I answered on a rush.

- Behind my smile is everything you'll never know or understand. Though I wish you do one day...

- Today I looked at you and I thought you deserve more than a smile.

- And you come to my dreams to make my days...Thank you!

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