Wednesday, May 11

Couldn't find a name

I'm over the moon.. For I think I got it all.
I'm over the moon.. But earth keeps calling.
It doesn't seem right, and not wrong too.
Is it Perfect?!?!

I tell things that when others know they abandon their minds' peace.
Then should I be proud or should I doubt?
Is it the truth being told in the face? A hard reality to embrace?
Or is it just a talk being told to hurt and damage?
Then do I inspire? or make a bonfire?

They say it's obvious. I say it's normal.
As a matter of fact it's a state of mind.
Once set right, nothing can cause a fight.
And I got the insight that gave me peace of mind.
So, nothing worries me, nothing else matters.

But then comes you, and I feel like it's mine.
For I saw it coming and I said I won't let it grow.
And I acted with a good intention helping you know.
Have I succeeded, I couldn't say? Have I been trying enough, maybe no?
I think it all came by itself. Maybe I had no hand in that show.
But I swear I had no plans in mind, just a loving vow.

Have I taken someone else's place? Who said it's his place at all?
Were I playing games, trying to be smart but failed? Or have I made it through?
But no, I said I had no plans. Is it normal to play plain, can it even hold any gain?
So, I'll have faith. I'm all good as all good can attain.

To know me better, you have to always keep the letter.
Be nice and always break the ice. But don't surprise.
Very odd, very strange. Actually too complex to compromise.

You're thinking what is this all about. But I figured no name out.
And I have no idea why I tend to rhythm every word I write.
Though they don't but I needed to keep a sound.
This isn't a poem, so don't bother.
Or even a feeling to be stated out loud.
It's me putting words together
to find a meaning that was never found.
And I still keep the rhythm.

Have you enjoyed? I kinda feel you'll say No!
Did you get it? Definitely ..  I know!
But it's okay, I'll stay on the way
And maybe it's a way ready to be in play.

Thank you for putting up with me!
And sincerely, don't judge me! =)


Reem said...

I like =D =D

Dinah. said...

Thank you for your kind words.
You are too kind =)
I checked out with your blog .. And really loved it. Such an interesting and inspiring place to drop by.
I will follow you x
Thank you again :) I will write more. I promise.