Tuesday, May 24


Yesterday, I took my car and kept driving. I drove into places I've never been to before. I wanted to do something reckless, have a new experience, know more places and just drive aimlessly. And I did, I kept driving into the most unexpected areas never expecting what to find. Till I reached a dead-end; I no longer then could move forward or even backward, and it was too narrow to make a turn. I gave up. I couldn't think of a way out, except me getting out of the car thinking if I can actually leave it behind and go. I stopped the car, stepped outside, locked it and moved away. A passer by stopped me and said "Are you leaving it here, like this?" and I replied like "Do I have any other options?"
I left, I walked around the place unknowing where to go, I got myself some chocolate, I stood there in the middle of the streets staring at every thing around without having a single thought inside my head. Till I found myself heading back to my car, just to find that my way out has even got more blocked. But I thought to myself, with a smile on, shouldn't I take my car home? Then I must get out of here. I asked about that car that was blocking my way. They told me that the man driving this car is the doctor living in that building, I asked them to kindly go and ask him if he can move his car. They did, he moved it away, and I got out. Though it was hard getting out of that too narrow street in backward steps, but I got out. I was finally free again. I drove safely ever after till I reached home. I had enough of adventures of the day.

Now, isn't that life? You get yourself stuck in places where you can no longer move a step forward. And then you've got to take a moment to think of a way out, as there's always a way out. You can give up on figuring out the way. You can step out, thinking by that you're actually leaving your problems behind. You can go and move around aimless thinking by that you'll find another path to walk. You can take as much time as you can, you can waste your whole life figuring out your way. But you'll keep on going back to that same place where you got stuck. And one day or another, you'll have to have the guts to get yourself out. And only then, you can continue moving on with your life. Time won't stop or wait for you, you waste a part of your life getting out of blocked dead-ends. So hurry up, find the way. For your life can't wait any longer. Actually, it won't wait; it's you who has to catch up with it.

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