Friday, May 20


He came to mess our lives up and down, change them and rearrange them. He came to spot a light on what should be right. He came to tell us how to dream high, look up to the sky and say the moon is meant to be ours. All he had was something in his smile, his words and voice. He also had a brain that thinks in all the things of life. He taught us one thing, in together we should be, for together we will be. And so we were together in the dream to be. We all shared one dream. Till we got confused, whose dream it was? We were gathered upon one thing, it was his love, loving to please him and never letting him down. Sometimes we had to fight for who dreams to achieve more, sometimes we were hurt by just holding the dream. But every time we got confused, he reminded us of the lesson. Together we can do something no one has ever done. So we did things together, we got the best memories to hold together. And we knew then if we'd ever find ourselves alone, then we'd be in that together too.

But then he left. Shall we then be shattered, or has he succeeded in putting us together forever?


Salma Attia said...

ADORABLE ;);):):)=')='):D:D:$:$

mixed feelings :D

Abdo.Y said...

=) likee :)

May El-Dardiry said...