Tuesday, May 10

Trick or Treat

On a night so cold,
I felt alone; missing or maybe missed.
Getting ready to weep like a kid,
as I got nothing in my head.

There came a word, that took my breath bit by bit.
I thought of every possible meaning it hid.
But I got the courage to respond,
though all the thoughts that lit.

It started fine though I didn't get it right.
Then another word opened my heart wide.
Strange as I felt, I got all that from inside,
to let it out smoothly, happily and with no other side.

It was a minute I've been waiting for so long in time
to flow all the words I kept for a moment that is mine.
And the part that captivated my mind
was the part where my words were listened and admired.

Then at the peak of all that rush
something was about to make me hush.
As I expected what to be stated next
but didn't expect how it could be fixed.

I stopped to listen, I paused to understand.
I got it all, but time was short to make a land.
And I was impressed at the trust I set and got.
Only then that I understood

I'll have a new friend, a friend I'll never hurt,
a friend where strength I'll give, and strength I'll find,
a friend who I'll long for and wish the best,
and a friend who'll see the friend in me.

Still time didn't hold all that I sought,
Things I missed to say and things I haven't caught.
And I thought I've got an unlimited vote,
But I'll never lose the hope.

The hope of the friend I'm waiting for.

But while the wait
I get thoughts that I hate.
Thoughts that, if proven, will hold the knife
that kills my heart's life.

And I think, Is it all a trick? Or a treat for me?

Is it a too smart or a too kind act
to grab me in through tact?
Just to show me the thoughts I didn't let in,
and tell me how it will go on then.

Or still, nice it is as I felt when I got that trend
of having you as my dearest friend?

So I'll kill the thoughts that kill,
and relive the hope that live.
And I'll find a way to make you my tent
and prove you I'm indeed a friend!

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