Tuesday, February 15

7th of Feburary

It's my birthday. And my birthday this year was a very happy day, specially for me.
It even was different than any other birthday I had. And I believe every birthday is different and has its own shape.

Having your birthday feels happy, so happy. I can't imagine why does it feel happy or why we have this perception that birthdays are supposed to be happy. But I actually believe that every person deserves to live such a day, a day that's only for him to be loved and appreciated, a day where everything revolves around him. And what better day should it be except his birthday, his anniversary.

Well I haven't done anything special on this day, but I was happy. I lived that happy state just because I wanted it to be happy. Yes, I have expected it to be so. Maybe I was already expecting all the wishes and feelings of being loved or appreciated. But I never expected how I would feel or react to it and that's what has surprised me. Even every expectation I expected surprised me that it truly did happen, and how it has happened was also very surprising. It was a surprise expected. This year I was so worried not to feel the surprise, I really wanted to get surprised and to feel happy. I was praying that I could forget the date of my birthday just not to expect anything so then I could feel the surprise by all its meanings. But amazingly it happened, I expected a surprise and I got surprised. Truly wonderful. And I'm glad, very glad and absolutely happy for how that day went. 

And I've realized something, that I didn't really care for their wishes or for what they had to tell me. I cared that they actually took the initiative and told me the simple words of "Happy Birthday!". I think they weren't aware of how happy they were making me by their little efforts of saying these simple words. I truly wish they truly meant every wish they told me, because for me it meant a lot.
And now I know the magic of wishing someone a happy birthday on his day even if you absolutely don't know that person. That magic I thought wasn't there, but now that I know how beautiful it is I'm not letting someone's birthday to pass except by wishing him the best on his day even by the simplest way there is.

What was different about that day is that I made a list of wishes for this year. Yes, it's kind of my first time to set wishes on my birthday. Thanks to a very dear friend who asked me if I made a wish, and that inspired me to make a list of them and write them down to never forget them. No, I won't tell you what are my wishes, I'd like to keep them a secret. :)
And also I was shocked to find an old dear friend calling me to wish me a happy birthday. That friend used to forget my birthday each year, he never managed to wish me a happy birthday on the day. But this year he did, although it has been very long since we last talked. 
And the people who shared in shaping that day in my memory are different than any other birthday.

Actually, just two days latter I had one of my happiest days in life. An unforgettable day that will always be remembered by remembering my 21st birthday. It's because it was a day where I enjoyed the company of people who I love. A day where I did many and different activities all on the same day. A day where I experienced new and happy moments about myself and about others. A day that adds a meaning to my whole life. I wish I could have many other days that resemble such a day. Describing such a day needs another whole day. :)

That was all about my 21st birthday. Ignoring the fact that I can't believe that I'm 21 already, I'm happy, grateful and almost proud of myself. Alhamdulellah :) You can only be 21 once, so I'm enjoying it to the fullest. Hopefully! 

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Salma said...

Just now I can tell you that I missed your posts and writings for .... let's consider them "the past few days" :):) ...
Happy and glad that you're back, and your apology accepted;):)

The part about "your day", how is it so close to mine?! and this is not a surprise :)♥♥