Sunday, February 20

Colors in my head!

They are Red, Rose, Yellow and Blue. White, Black, and Green. A family of friends. They are always together, supporting each other, playing and having fun, crying and screaming in every moment of pleasure or grief. And they all complete each other. 

Red is a young man full of youth. He is kind of short and he has a little long dark black silky hair. He looks like an italian, though he's not. Being active and hyper is his trait. Bad temper sometimes is what describes him the best. He has the charm of a brat boy. He's always daring to do something reckless. His passion leads him, and his desires sometimes put him in troubles. And it's all for Rose as he loved her tremendously. But Black is always there to save the day!

Rose is a very beautiful sweet young girl. She charms everyone with her smile and look. She's white and pale, tall and skinny and she has a long blonde hair. She's sometimes considered naive and very pure. She loves to have fun and do exciting staff. She doesn't like people like Black, she thinks they are boring. And Green is her favorite pal. She isn't that smart, but she's not dump even. She's a normal girl. But there is something about her, like she's always looking for something she can never find.

Yellow is a tall and thin man. He works in business an he's kind of a workaholic person. He doesn't seem to have much fun. And he likes to appear like the one who knows everything in the world, but he actually knows none. He doesn't have this much of humor, though he always tries his best. He wants everyone to love him, but no one really thought about it that much.  Sometimes he's really wise, others he's just shallow. But jealousy is something he's sick of. He almost envies everyone else for their own lives. And that explains why he's proud and arrogant most of the times.

Blue is a charming man. He's handsome and smart. He's the kind of men who read a lot of novels and poetry. He's classical; he reads classics, listens to classics and even wears classics. And he's an inspiration to everyone around him. He's everyone's friend too. Not that much, well Red always sees him a competitor, when it comes to Rose off course, and Yellow doesn't love him that much either, as he always know how to let his arrogance down. But everyone else just seem to enjoy his presence a lot. He's a man who seems to know exactly what to do at anytime.

White...She's a beautiful girl. She has a wonderful friendly smile. She's warm and loving. Everyone loves White. She has a round face and small eyes. Her hair is black and short. She's open to everyone and she could be everyone's best friend. She's smart and thoughtful. She loves to paint a lot. It's her passion. And she's so open when it comes to music. Rose sometimes finds her crazy; she just couldn't understand her this much. But White and Rose are best of friends; they make a wonderful mixture together and they know how to support each other well. Among her other friends, she's always known by the peace maker. And a note, White has a crush on Blue!

Black. She's the man. The one you can lay your head on her shoulder and feel safe. The one who knows how to solve anyone's problem. She supports everyone. And she's sometimes very creative. She's a very elegant woman. And she's a writer, so most of the time she's someone who knows about a lot of things. White loves talking with her. They are both very deep and thoughtful girls. What's bad about Black is that she's a very moody person. She tends to have a low self esteem, and she always wonders if others loved her. She's kind of an introvert. She prefers home most of the time. But Green always surprises her with the pizza and the movie nights! Well, no one can live without Black in his life!

Last and not least at all, Green. The fun, the humor and the craziness. When Green is not there, then there's something definitely missing. All the credit goes to Green when they are happy and having funny crazy moments. Everyone needs Green in their lives. He's like the soft breeze to everyone. And he sure gets missed when he rarely misses a meeting. Green isn't smart at all. But he's quite adorable. Green is a healthy guy. He plays all kinds of sports actually. And he takes life less seriously than anyone ever does. He does the weirdest of the riskiest activities. And it's like he knows everyone around the whole country. Green and Red, they get along sometimes. But Green couldn't stand Red's violent thoughts sometimes. Green is peaceful, funny and natural. Green is a must!

To be continued...

P.S: That's how I see Red, Rose, Yellow, Blue, White, Black and Green!


Anonymously Famous said...

Curious, and eager !! GO ON!! :D

Ashraf said...

AweSome Ya Salma =D .. This is Such a new Masterpiece analysis =) ..Keep it Rocking bgd :)

Salma said...

I can't believe that you turned it that way :O:O I can remember when it first started :O:D ...
I fell in love with the colors btw ♥ ♥

Menna said...

Salmaaaaaa :D Entyy betarekaten Ma 5aleteeny a7ebohom kolohoomm :) and el sh5seyaat de koloaha tothbet en kol wa7ed fe goz2 7elw awyy and actually there alot of common things between people :) .. WAHMEYAAAAA ;)

Reem said...

Where is the rest!!!! =D =D yala ba2a I need to know what's happening next! :D:D:D

Abdo.Y said...

amazing !!! w8ing ya salma for the rest of colors xD :)