Wednesday, February 16


I see my dreams as my mirror. They never lie to me and they are the only ones who are honest enough to tell me everything I think of, whether it's a sick thought or an inspiring one.

And I wonder how does the unconscious mind works. It's so unpredictable, you never know when will you be having a beautiful dream. When you're happy, you get surprised by your fearful unhappy dreams. And when you're sad and depressed your dream surprises you by being happy hopeful and cheerful. It's like your dreams are trying to balance your life. Your subconscious mind, I think, is always on your side. It lets you face all that you really have to face. It tells you what are your fears, so that you could find a way to face them. And it also reminds you by what's beautiful in your life, what's worth fighting for.

I have fallen for my dreams!

Recently my dreams have taken a great deal in my life. It's like I have a different dream each day. And each dream just comes to reflect on something and then goes away. It might reflect how insecure, unhappy and fearful I feel. And it might reflect on what I miss the most these days. It lets me know what I truly love and it reminds me of my beautiful lost dreams. And I'm loving my dreams even when they are the weirdest of the weirdest dreams anyone could dream of, just because I know behind the dream there lies a whole meaning that I should consider. I sometimes think of how much my dreams could be deceiving. But I trust them. In the end it's me and they are my dreams and I'll trust myself no matter what! 

And so as long as I live, I'll wait for my dream to come to face me with my reality.

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Menna said...

Salmaaaaa .. Ana your writings by2atharoo feyya awyy begaaad :( :D (Y)