Saturday, February 26

A note to self

Don't lose sight of the light at the end, even when it's all dark all around. 
It's the light at the end that makes sense of the dark.

Am I back?
I think I'm coming back, yes.

Is it good or bad? Should I stop?
You're asking ME? I'm the one who should be asking. Tell me please as you always do.

Okay, let's make a promise, a commitment.
I agree, go ahead. Tell me and I promise I'll obey!

Never lose your principles! And if we're back, at least let's be back strong. Don't fall for what we had regret before. Remember your dream and don't settle for anything less. And as you learned: To love others unconditionally, love yourself unconditionally first.

And above all, be honest to yourself.

1 comment:

Menna said...

Yess one daay you will publish your own book :D
"Don't fall for what we had regret before" As for me i must keep this in mind :D .. Thank youu Salomtii for reminding me :D