Monday, February 14

An apology, a report state and a gratitude.

Dear readers,
Would you believe me if I told you that I have truly missed writing to you? Because I really did! :)
You might be wondering where were I for the past three weeks and why haven't I been publishing any posts. It's your right to wonder.

Before anything, I truly apologize for being away and I wish you accept my apology. The reasons of my absence are totally wired, mysterious and unreasonable. That's how I see them. And that's why I don't wish to go through them now. But at some point there I'm glad for how things went. I have even planned to post this post earlier, but I'm glad I didn't and that I'm posting it now.

If you haven't heard yet, through the past three weeks, Egypt has been in the state of Revolt. Egypt's youth revolted against injustice, corruption and every deterioration in Egypt's governing system. They decided they have to fight for what's right and just. They took the initiative to kill all the rottenness there is in Egypt. They refused to live anymore with the wrong conditions they were living in. And they succeeded! They at least succeeded to prove to everyone else that they can be right, that they can change to the better and that when they unite on one word they don't settle till they are there. Yes, when people unite on one word nothing ever can stop them.

First let me just redefine what was happening. Revolution is always accompanied by the thought of violence or shedding blood. That wasn't the case at all over here. Yes we have been changing the way our country is being governed, but with nothing but peaceful demonstrations and strikes. And yes there has been hundreds of martyrs, people who died fighting for freedom, died for millions others to live with liberty and for an entire nation to live honorably. But that's the price we had to pay, and we'll never forget how sadly we paid it. Still, our revolution's most specifying trait is being peaceful! Now, what can you expect to come out of a peaceful revolution that actually succeeded except all civilized, organized and pure peaceful meaningful demonstrations and actions?
Egypt's people have not just proved to be free people who don't accept injustice they have also proved to be people who are very civilized and productive people, only if they have a will.

It started on the 25th of January and ended on the 11th of February, year 2011.

Did it actually end on the 11th of Feb.? I don't believe it will ever end, not until we raise Egypt to be one of the top countries on earth. Egypt is back to be ours once again to build, so an internal revolution inside each Egyptian has to be there in order to rebuild Egypt to stand strong and to not let anyone take over Egypt for another time. We have a lot of work to do, even more than before, but now we're having a new hope, a better vision and a much more passionate motive to work with. If anyone actually worked now with less than his best, he would just be wasting all the hard times we have lived to reach this point.

I don't believe it actually started on the 25th of Jan too. It started a long time ago, for about 5 or 7 years ago. When youth, part of them and then increasingly, started to be much more aware of what's going on with their country, started to change and spread the word of change. When developmental and charitable  organizations began to arise, be spread and put into action in our country. When simple movements of "change" have been started and delivered. When the youth started to dream and fight for the dream of the prosperity of this country. And the dream will never die until it's a reality. Everyone will fight for it, every Egyptian will die for it. Now we're sure of that, as now we know that Egyptians don't fail their dreams. And the events of the past three weeks were just a tipping point to let our dream be well known to everyone around the world and to let the dreamers dream too and know now that dreams do come true.

I'm grateful I have lived to see my country being lead powerfully to success and prosperity. I'm grateful to see Egypt and Egyptians an inspiration to all others around the whole world. I'm grateful I have lived events that I will be gladly telling my children and grandchildren about, inshaa'Allah. I'm more than proud that I count myself as an Egyptian who honestly have always believed in her country. I just never thought I would see such a change this early, but I'm glad I did. I'm grateful that I'll share in rebuilding my country. Yes, it's an obligation, but now it's an obligation that I'm willing to do pleasely.

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Last and not least my dear readers, I have vast and fast thoughts that have been rushing through my head and hurting it so much during the past weeks. I won't promise you to let them all out of a sudden, but I'll promise you that you'll soon enough enjoy my next post. :)

God bless you all!

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