Sunday, January 23


Sometimes, it's as simple as this: You get up from that bed, wash your face, look at yourself in the mirror, put on a wide smile, thank God for that you're still alive, that you still have another chance, and go out face the world however it is rather than just dreaming about it.

Sometimes, it's not that simple. Sometimes a wide smile on the face doesn't solve anything or motivate you enough. And figuring out what is it that we need to fight more and go on with life is what I failed to do. Is it the faith and hope that your life will be great? Is it the trust in yourself to do whatever it takes to achieve this greatness? Theoretically, yes that's what should motivate you to keep going on. But let's be more practical, it's never enough either!

Okey, let's look at it from the other side. Why do we fail to get out of that bed?

Sometimes it's because we fear what we'll have to face. Sometimes it's because we don't know what are we going to do the next minute after getting up. Sometimes, it's simply because we don't want to get up and do what we have to do.
You'll have like a million of reasons that no one will know better than you. Only then, maybe you should first have a minute to think of how you solve each of these possibilities so that you could find a deep true motive.


People's motives are different. It's how you see the world, and everyone has a unique eye. So, I fail to know what each person's motive is. But, "life goes on" is a motive no one could resist. Life is as bad as it goes. But that's life that no one can stop. Death is not a choice and failure is not option, so try going for the other options, the other choices. And every now and then try to find an option or a choice, a motive to keep you holding on.

Let me tell you another motive that I'm sure you can't resist. Let people be your motive. If you fail and lose, if you're down and pathetic, what do you expect people around you to think of you? Do you want them to think of you this way?? Now what if you're happy, successful and loved? You'll be appreciated, supported and lifted up. Isn't that what you really want?

Don't wait for anyone to give you the push that will pave your way. No one will give it to you. But surprisingly when you take the first step in your own paved path, you'll find everyone supporting you, appreciating you, proud of you and actually motivating and pushing you up. Now, that's what you needed at the first place, didn't you? It's just that you have had to earn it first!
Only when you stop thinking of taking and start giving, you'll actually be taking. So, give all your best and wait for it to return, for it will, just be patient.

Show the world your true strength. Everyone is strong, those who show it take the title, so why don't you take your title now?

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