Monday, January 10

Final destination

Her voice was all in my head
Her words were all that in my heart

Maybe, I hurt you for her sake
but it's she who I can never break
that's what I was brought up to undertake

That night, she made it clear for me
that you and I can no longer be
I tried to make you understand
but you kept on holding my hand

So, I thought maybe I should
give us a second thought
but I didn't warn you
it maybe the last that we ought

I kept silent and I kept afloat
you drove and I was to flow
Maybe there where I lost my song
that lead me to where I don't belong

Maybe it's the end
Maybe her voice in my head
Maybe it's true 
Maybe I hadn't to

Maybe it wasn't right
Maybe we were just blind
So, please let's close that vault
that contains all the fault

Don't push me anymore
for I have lost my score
And I'm disappointed, you know
I never thought I'd become like the show

Promise me to stay strong
for it has to end some way along
Please, don't be sorry, don't regret
don't say you've lost 
for you can't lose what you haven't got

And I can't ask who's to blame
because on you and I falls the shame
Shame on me for being driven
Shame on you for letting me skip heaven

So, the final destination is a dead end
I'm sorry we've missed the right turn
but there's no way back then.


Salma Attia said...

el kbiiiir kbiiiiir seebek enty :D:D:D

la2 7a2i2i I adore it!!

Keep it Up ya Salooma ;);)

Abdo.Y said...

amazing as usual salma :) :) :)

Ahmajed said...

Over the Awesome :)) To7fa :)