Saturday, January 8

Don't be late...

If I told you I miss you, would you come
and talk to me like you always do?
And why do I still miss you even though
I know to care is to show
just if you wanted to?

But, I know nothing about you
that scars me a lot
for it makes me wonder

how far you really are
but closer to my heart

Yes, I know nothing about you
and maybe when I do
I'd just long for you more
but also I may think how naive I sour.

Whatever the possibility
I'm happy to take the risk
for you're the dream
I'm longing to live.

I miss you when it's good
and I miss you when it's bad.

I think thanking you is never enough
and I owe you every snap.

So, whenever I find something good
there's no one but you who I wish to run to.
And every time I feel bad,
you are the perfect one to have.

How can I not miss you!

It's hard to feel things
I can never reveal,
when all I wish for is 
to give you a thank you note
and tell you how much I thought.

Then, what can I do to make you realize
how much I always long to break the ice
and spent nights of talks with you
rather than just dream of you.

You're everyone's dream
but you'll always be my special dream...
You are my dream I'm never giving up
you are my dream that makes my day...

You're the one who made see brightly
although I was driven blindly.

You're the one who was my inspiration
to what others saw was my best.

You're the only one who can leave me
smiling and giggling from deep inside.

You're the one who just knows
how happily to let others be.

And I'll be waiting for you
to make my perfect dream a reality.

So don't you be late,
for I'm not settling for a less rate.

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