Sunday, January 16

Dearest ever,

Don't yell at me when I cry
Don't shout asking me to try
Don't care with a loud voice
Don't make such a noise

Don't doubt me on what's nasty
especially when I do what it takes to be trusty
And don't build a wall when I need to cross
for it's the only time I feel a loss

Only then, I wish you comprehend
that I wish to explain why I hid
all that makes you stare
about my life that you care

Don't let it be that obvious
when I do everything just for you
Don't judge me based on the pervious
when I come happily saying I made it through

But be a listener
Open your arms and heart for me
Clear your mind and tell me it's safe
to speak and say all that I've been a fray

Because sometimes, it's really you who I seek
and it's my right to have you at times this weak

Because you're my only one, and you'll always be my only best
You're my best companion and best friend
my best sister and best trend

You're my model I proudly have
You're who takes all that on my behalf

You're my way to heaven
You're my way to a better vision

That gives me the strength
to carry on and do what you please
That's what my God has asked me to seize

I thank God your mine
I thank God you're alive
for I can't make it without
your presence around

May God bless you in your life, make you feel safe and guide you to the perfect path.

Yours forever,
your dearest daughter...


Hend Mohamad said...

amaaaaaaaazing =')))))))))))))))))))))))))) ezay to7fa kedaaaaa =')
rbena yes3edha beeky w yebareklaha fikyy =')

Salma said...

‎:') "May God bless him in his life, make him feel safe and guide him to the perfect path."
Amiin isA =)

Toosa said...

Salma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =')
This is simply amazing!!!!!!!!
Oh ana law benty 3mlt keda ana mmkn afa3s-ha men 7oby leeha :D
Rabena y5leeko l ba3d w dayman isa teb2a radya 3annek w enty mabsoota b 7obaha isA =)