Sunday, January 16


Only in another world, another place and another time...


Suddenly, she grabs his hand strongly and she takes him away to a place where there's no one else. And there they are on the sand at night with a fading light that's coming from far above, a fading sound of music that they barely could follow and a strong sound of waves crashing the shore softly and crashing the rocks out there roughly. She has taken him to where she has always wished he takes her.

Now she leaves his hand and keeps looking around. And he is speechless, he doesn't know what to say, or even what to think. He never expected her this way, and yes she is feeling a little astonished of what she has just done. And silent conversation between their eyes starts. He's telling her how crazy she is. She replies by how crazy she really is when it comes to him. He thanks her for her bravery. And she replies that someone has had to take the step. He keeps asking what should he do. And just now does her eyes become silent. But she smiles and keeps on smiling and he keeps on staring.

She then breaks the silence by saying: "I just love this music!". He replies: "Should this be the sign?"
And she holds his hand once more. Only now he knows what he has to do. He asks her to dance and she happily agrees. They dance and dance to the music of their hearts. They never wish to stop and their eyes keeps talking. He tells her how beautiful she looks, how he wasted all that time without her and how he's grateful now that he's finally around her. And she says that she doesn't care how much time has been wasted as long as he promises her to never leave her again. And they keep floating, dancing, smiling and talking in silence. And her heart skips a beat that his heart beats it for her. They feel like they lost time and place. They wish this moment never ends. And they keep on dancing.

But suddenly again. She stops. She walks away. And she runs into the sand, happily.
He follows her, getting shocked and worried. What went wrong again? He's wondering.
But nothing has went wrong. Everything is falling into place. She comes back to him. She grabs his hands once more and asks him to run. She laughs loudly like a young girl living the happiest life. So he smiles back. And he walks with her, watching her playing and spinning around. He's happy for how happy she is. He wishes she never loses that smile as she did before. And he promises her silently that he'll do whatever it takes so that she keeps that laugh.

Then she lies down on the sand, looks up to the stars and ask him to lay down and look up. So he does. They both looked up together. And she starts to wish on the wishing stars, that her life could just end up here and happily like now she lives forever. She wishes he stays forever just beside her. Then the silence is broken once again, this time it's him. He asks her if she would like to know the story of each star. Once again she happily agrees. For it's one of her dreams to listen to him telling stories only for her. And he starts telling. And she listens. And the sea roars softly, the music gets louder and the light is no longer needed as the stars above have shown them the way. And their love starts shining all around them. They were just in another world, the most beautiful world. Until she figured it all out....


This was just another dream.