Friday, January 7

It's ok to forgive, but it's never ok to forget!

Never look back...

Sometimes life gives us hard times to live and then it just simply asks us to move on and forget all about what we have been through. It's true, isn't life just about moving on?

Well, Life is not waiting for an answer, it's moving anyway, whether you liked it or not.

So, is it that simple to forget? And are there ways of forgetting? And just why is it easier to remember than to forget? Is the past this much better than the present?

Many questions to which I'm left with no answers. But...

- Life doesn't ask you to forget. You're not obligated to forget. If you don't want to forget, then just don't! It's actually that simple. Never do something you don't wish to.

- Moving on never includes Forgetting. Weird that these two words always come together, and I can't see any relation between them. You can forget all about it but you actually haven't moved on with life the way you should. And you can move on with your own life but never forget a thing about your past however it was.

- Moving on is the good side, the winning side...But Forgetting, that's what you should never do!
   Moving on means forgiving, accepting and coping with what's not in your control, what you can't change. And that is what's really hard to do, that is what's not simple and what needs algorithms and techniques to achieve. And you'll be amazed to find out how simple those ways are and achieving them is truly an appreciated achievement. Moving on is the healthiest act to do, you're born to move on with life. So if you're lost and couldn't find the way, search for the way where you'll be moving on. And that will be the right way for you.
   Forgetting, on the other side, means letting go your past, letting go your history. And being with no history is just like not being ever before. Forgetting means having nothing to talk about, no stories to tell, no legacy to leave and no inheritance to pass. Forgetting includes forgetting your experiences. Imagine a man with no life experiences, how would he be? Now, you would say I'm overrating. We're only forgetting the bad memories, but actually what makes a good experience but a bad, hard and heartbreaking memory. Try to figure out all your life lessons learned and then think from where did you learn such a lesson? And what if you forgot the source of the lesson that you have learned? Won't you fall again in this hole, won't you live through hell, once again? Now, how could you ever be moving on this way?

- So, if you're finding it hard to forget. Then that's what I'm asking you, don't forget. Now, you're finding it hard to move on. Then I'll ask you to take your time and keep on finding this simple way of moving on that's so hard to find easily. Yes, it looks complicated, but it gets easier by time. And time is yours, time is who asks you to move on, so don't worry it will help you move on. All that you need is to decide to move on. That decision is what needs hard work from you, but you have the keys: forgiving and accepting, work on these two and you'll find your way.

And, to you, please know this: I'm never forgetting any of our story...I'm just on my way to accept our fate. And I'm happy I finally figured it all out. I forgive you. I've loved you, and I'm never forgetting how I felt for you. And my love to you will be my key to move on. Another thing you just have to never forget...I'm never losing the hope, at least not until hope loses me!

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