Sunday, January 23

You're loved.

This is not an ordinary post. This is nothing like a thought I had in mind or a story I thought of to share. This is an appreciation I have to admit. Maybe it's a thank you note. Maybe it's a gift. Call it what you like. It's my feelings let out. So let's see what I've got. And know that it's going to be very long.

I would like to present you the story of this lovely girl I know. A girl who's truly loved by everyone who gets to know her. She's just adorable. She's everyone best friend. But she's truly my dearest friend. She has this talent of making a special friendship with everyone around her. All who know her closely get the feeling that their friendship is a unique and a special one. She has the talent to win everyone's heart and trust. She's truly a blessing, a jewel.

I wish I had that much of information to write about how special she is to everyone, but that thing I couldn't get to know this much. So I thought of telling you how special she is to me.

To me, she's more than a friend. She's truly my sister. By every letter, she's my sister. God hasn't given me the blessing of having a sister. But, He gave me something much better. He blessed me by her in my life. She made my life different. I don't know from where to start the story of us. But here's something that I had once wrote about her (secretly). It was a year ago, so I added some words, lines and paragraphs actually, and believe me, there's nothing I had to skip, like my feelings for her hasn't changed since then, they grew deeper. Here it is:
I knew her at my first year at college and I loved her ever since. I still remember what she was wearing on that first day I met her. But we never got this much close until last year. She became the sister I never had. And the way we became this close just sometimes freaks me out - but actually right now, that thought doesn't freak me anymore, I'm grateful it happened. Maybe because it's something I have never experienced before, I never had a sister before. Maybe because it's something so beautiful that I couldn't believe it's actually mine. But there's something I'm sure of, I would never trade this by anything in the world. She's my mind reader, my mind twin. It's really scary how the exact same thoughts get incepted in our minds at the exact same moment. Sometimes, we just text each other the same message.
Being close doesn't necessarily mean that we are 24/7 together, although that's actually the case. It's how comfortable I feel when I'm around her. She's actually one of those very few people I have in my life who I become myself when I'm with them. It's how I can easily tell her everything about me. She's the only one I find it okay to tell her everything goes on my mind, every thought, and you can guess how wild my thoughts can sometimes be. It's how I find it perfect when I study with her, plan for things with her, discuss important and unimportant stuff with her. It's everything we do together that measures how close we are. Her home now feels like mine, and I hope mine feels like her home too. 
Now, even though every thing I mentioned above. We're not that same person, though we have a lot of commons between us, things I wouldn't like to reveal now to keep you wondering about her. Yet, we are different. But that difference is what makes us perfect, isn't it? I had moments where I felt she's not who I know. Moments where I discovered other sides of her, the bad and the beautiful sides. And I accepted them all as they are, just because she's truly amazing just the way she is.
I have to be fair too. She had off course, I think, moments where she was mad at me and just couldn't handle me any more. I'm afraid that she had to put up with a lot of things with me. And that's another thing I'm grateful for and blessed by. She's everything I needed in a friend. I'm thanking her for being in my life. 
May our friendship last forever and after when we meet at al Jannah inshaa'Allah :) May our friendship be this much close as long as we both live. And may it get stronger each day.

That was about our friendship. Let's get back to her. But, before this, let me just tell her something:
"I believe and I'm actually sure that each one who knew you as much as I did, and even less, has the same feelings I have got for you. But each one love you in her special way, as I told you, you share a special friendship with every friend you've got. May God bless you with good friends all along your life. :) "

She. Not only that she's a perfect friend. I see her as a perfect daughter, a perfect big sister for a boy and a girl. And I believe she will make a perfect mother and a perfect wife. Not to mention, a gorgeous bride.
And just this month that I have found that she's an amazing writer, a sensational poet. :)

I wish her absolute happiness. And if there's any song I could dedicate to her, it would be her favorite one.
And because today is her day, yes it's her birthday today. Yes it's you my dear Salma. Please accept this special gift, your favorite song, and our wish for you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Salmaaaaaaa!!!!

Our dearest friend, sweetest sister and best mate. We all love you and wish you a happy birthday, actually a happy life.

You are our best friend, who life means nothing without.

You're the best team mate, partner, and the best to work with ;) :)  

College with you has a different taste!

Fun with you is our eternal state. =D :):)

That's a thoughtful moment :)
How lucky he will be ;) 
You're just gorgeous and amazing 

Have a blast! :):)

And this is just how happy we are for you :):) 



Salma said...

I'm trying to find words, for an hour now ... bas kol ma 2agy 2a2ra 2ay 7aga ... afked el not2 :'):') ... I luv you won't ever be enough for you, you are a sister, friend, soul mate, and amazing mind reader :):):). I luv u b kol ma fel kelma mn ma3na :):):) ...
this is more than who am I aslan ... you know how much this song means to me<3:):)I luv it ....I luv the pictures GEDDAAAAN, and most important I luv your words as u can never imagine ... you're awesome my "sol7ef" :):) ... May Allah bless you for me, keep u safe and keep us together forever isA

Toosa said...

ANA HA3AYAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)