Sunday, January 23

A talk.

You asked to see me, and so you did. We talked. We talked and talked. It was fine, and it left a good impression on me. My hopes were lifted up. But, I thought that was not yet enough to tell.

Then you called and asked for another talk. I agreed and we talked. We talked and talked. This time it wasn't much better, but it wasn't worse. It was okay, good and satisfying. My hopes stood still, maybe lifted a little higher. I felt good, I sensed a wind of change. Maybe not, maybe I was just too excited to live the moments. But it passed, as everything did, and you left.

Then you called again, asking for a thrid talk. Like the past ones weren't good enough for you. This time I said no! If talking with you is this great, as I felt, does a third talk guarantees that our talk would never stop. Will you keep asking for a fourth and a fifth? And will they gauarntee the sixth? If no, then a third talk would make me regret. If yes, then let's do something else other than a talk.

So, I asked you to act this time, not just talk. But there was no answer, you never replied! And you left. Leaving me with the wonder, did you even like our talks? If no, what were you thinking?

But I didn't keep wondering much, because I didn't know what I was thinking either.

** Note: I know I have been talking about you and I. But I'm not me, so you're not you! :)


Toosa said...

Ana leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh 7asah 3rees msln :P?!

Salma said...

Howa dah el e7sass fe3llan :D ....

Bs: "I'm not me" :D:D