Thursday, November 25

At least I tried...

"I wanted to help. I tried. But I failed. At least I tried!" 

It's so hurtful to feel helpless, specially when you want to help the most. You want them to know that you would like to share, you want to help. You just don't know how! And whenever you try, you fail to be up to their expectations. Now, their expectations are inverted, you think. They don't expect you to help anymore, neither that they know that you want to. Or you believe they don't trust you to help. That's what YOU think! 

If that is true, then know it's all your fault. For you haven't put the trusting image from the start. You're the one responsible for such a distrust you get. You feel pathetic. But, that is only what YOU think! 

It's all a matter of what you think. And know that you are what you think you are, it's all about your thoughts! 

However you think what you think, just NEVER STOP TRYING. One day, you'll know what was worth it. One day, you'll understand that you haven't failed at all. You were succeeding in every other aspect. You just couldn't get the whole picture at first. 
And if you stopped! Then one day you'll regret that act...

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