Thursday, November 18


Sometimes, it's all clear. Signs are everywhere. Signs are the things that come to you without the intention to face them; like for example reading a text that you wasn't meant to read or something that was sent to you by mistake. But you keep convincing yourself that this is not a sign, if it was then it would have been meant to come, and since it wasn't meant to come so it shouldn't be given any attention. Just a weak excuse to not see the truth and keep living in the lie that you think is beautiful. Actually what's more beautiful is trying to achieve this lie through the truth. And that's the challenge you should really face.

We sometimes settle for what's not so perfect, not so right, just because we get afraid of losing what we have. We forget that we can't lose what we don't have; and what makes you so sure that this what you don't want to lose is already yours?! 
We never get the motive that if we waited or sacrificed for what's almost perfect, what's so right, we'll have the most beautiful replacement. We sometimes lose the belief that Allah will give us what's perfect for us if we just did what's so perfect; it's the same equation I keep looping around.

It's true that Allah puts all the signs in front of us because He wants the best for us. Then please don't ignore the signs. Everything you see, everything you observe, just think if it could add something to you, if it could solve a mystery you was trying to figure out, if it was opening a window to something that you do wrong. And don't ever ignore a sign, just because you don't want to lose the moment you think is beautiful that you're living right now.

I once said: "It's as long as you're living according to your own standards of what's right as long as you'll be satisfied. No one is feeling safe, happy and satisfied knowing that there's something wrong he's doing, or that he's not doing all that he has to be doing. Since, these two feelings get inside one's self, nothing could bring him happiness or self satisfaction." And that's exactly why signs are there to lead you to the right way towards happiness and satisfaction. That's why you shouldn't ignore the signs. So, don't lose the signs and believe that if you followed the signs with a deep and right understanding from you, you'll reach the most beautiful and amazing peak you could ever reach.

Keep following and understanding the signs... :)

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