Tuesday, November 30

Persistence and Procrastination

These are two words I've learned and felt this year.

They are two opposite words.
When one is there, the other disappears.
If you get to start with one, you could never end up with the other.

Each of them kills the other!
You can never tell which is the stronger.

But, they both has to have a motive.
The first is powered by passion and will.
The second is powered by laziness and luxury.

The first is good. The second is evil. They are both inside you.
And there's always a fight between good and evil. Let the Good win.

Only one of them could be the dominant, and the other will need many and many trainings. When it's the second, never rest till you train the first. When it's the first, thank God and take cautions of the second.

The first, because it's good, brings all the good in life with it.
But the second, because it's evil, kills everything in life that faces it, like it likes to be the only thing living.

Fight for the good and kill procrastination before it kills you.

Be in control and start with Persistence. Work on the motives.

May God be with you. :)

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