Monday, November 22

A fact to deal with...

However you're attached to someone, at the end of the day you are detached when you go to sleep, you are alone.
So, whatever you do, you have to learn how to live on your own.
At the end it's you're life that you're living, not someone else's life. How much you love to live someone else's life, you have to live your own life.
You have to be you, not someone else. Because simply you're counted as an individual human being who has an individual life, with an individual character and an individual self.
There's no escape from living your own life. There's no escape from being you. There's no escape from having the feeling that you're on your own, because, it's true, you're by yourself.
No one will ever know how perfectly to help you go on with your own life, but yourself. Deal with that...

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