Monday, November 22

To my dream...

Dear dream,

Last night you came. You was beautiful as always. You seemed so real that I couldn't stand waking up and leaving you. But it's always your call, to come or to go.

And even when you decide to go and let me wake up to face my reality, you make my reality bearable. You give me the hope that it will be as beautiful as you were. Like you only come to inspire me and give me the energy to go on. However my life is frustrating or devastating, I know I'll find you at the end of the day when I go to sleep, to let me enjoy how beautiful you are, to spend some time with me. You're the only place I love to escape to. But again, it's not my call.

You come to me on my darkest nights to make my most beautiful days.

But what if one day you didn't come? I can't rely on you. It's either you become real or you just stop haunting my dreams, for you see, you can't stay except in my dreams. I mean you can never never be real. This just can't ever happen, I know, for if it happened, you won't be the beautiful dream anymore.
But you make my dreams look so real that I wish they really do come real and this hurts, even though being in my dreams makes my reality. Maybe you shouldn't stop haunting my dreams, but I just can't live on a dream or let my reality be based on a dream.

It's now hard to ask. Should I ask you to leave my dreams? Or should I ask you to stay? Maybe, I should ask you to become real!
At the end, it's not my call... I can't ask you nor you will ever listen? So, I'll leave it up to you and I know for sure that in my darkest nights, you'll come to make my brightest days.

But next time, please stay longer.

one of your dreamers...

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