Friday, November 26


Everyday passes is a day to become a memory for the next day.

And today I've been through memories.

Today I called an old friend, a very dear old friend of mine, to wish him a happy birthday. :)
Though we don't talk much, we actually don't talk at all, but we still remember each other on the special occasions. It's such a valuable relation. It's something to be proud of. something that amazes me. For I know him for eight years by now!  He's someone who enriched my life with so many. He is like a brother to me.
One way or another I have to think about it this way, I wouldn't have been who I am right now if he wasn't in my life. Thanks for being part of my life. :)

Today I found my thirteen years old dairy. I had a dairy where I told my stories when I was thirteen! Remembering that made me impressed. For how could I forget the wonderful things I had in my life. Thanks for you, diary, to make me remember, thanks for the thirteen years old me.
My handwriting was a disaster. I couldn't believe! The way I wrote was not bad. I've been having the talent for so long. I think it's the passion that develops the talent.
But comparing the thirteen years old me with who I am right now, that's what I failed to do. It looks like it's the same me, the same person, the same Salma. just a little older but no wiser. :) Well, maybe a little wiser. I've evolved one way or another as everything else does. That's one thing I believe and I'm happy with it. It's natural. :)

And also today, I've been searching through my stuff. Things that trigger the most recent memories. The memories of Today, the memories of this year I'm actually passing through.
I had times when I thought this year wouldn't be a memorable one, bad times. But, having all these memories proved to me that it's a year I'm gonna miss.

Then from now on, I won't dis-value my days, my upcoming memories. I want to remember everything. I wish I could capture every second of my life. That wouldn't happen except when I focus on enjoying each minute I live and make it memorable as much as possible. Maybe, I should start my twentieth diary :)

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Salma said...

As long as I read your wonderful pieces in this blog, as long as I can see myself in u and your writings :):)
Exactly if u knew me long ago! :)

Keep the talent Salooma (K)
God Bless You (K)