Wednesday, November 3

Dignity of Love

--Love without dignity loses all its meanings.--

Dignity... Something that I've been thinking about lately. What it means? What are the ways one can save his dignity? And there came my conclusion: Dignity means showing objection about something that you don't think is right and appropriate for your image. Dignity means keeping your image, whatever your image is.

It's how you do dignity that differs from one person to another. Some people tend to take sever revenge; they show objection by the hardest of ways. And it doesn't matter with them what kind of relation they share with others. All they think about is that their dignity has been badly hurt - although it may hasn't been that badly injured. Others are polite; smart actually. They never argue or make big scenes when they feel their dignity has been insulted. They just do smart acts that prove they are of strong characters and acquire high self confidence. And they do take it into consideration the kind of relation they share with others. They value the relation, and for them it's not easy to let go of a friend or even an acquaintance.

The reason why I thought about this is because of that common belief among people, which is: "If you're in love, you should let go your dignity.It's not true, I say you should let go your ego, but never your dignity. For your dignity is your only self shield you have.

When you're in love, you give your partner everything you have, you give him your life and everything that is valuable to you. Your mate becomes the person who presents your life, your saviour, the only one who you'll first think of when you're in danger, the one you're willing to share your whole life with - it's such a huge responsibility. When such a person does something that you just sensed it's hurting your dignity or even close, then I don't ever think it's right to let go your dignity, and by that I mean letting go the right you have of showing objection. If not for your sake, then it should be for the sake of your partner, or for the sake of the relationship. Don't you think it's not good to keep something inside? Maybe you would say, I keep such things so as not to cause hurts or build any walls. But actually it's a matter of honesty and integrity. Keeping a small fact like that you have been wronged by him one way or another, for me, this is not being honest to your partner. And the fact that you didn't work out this small insignificant matter, as you might see, may end in having it repeated many more times, and in each time you're being wronged again by the only person in the whole world that you should put up with for your whole life. After all you'll find out that you can't stand it anymore and that you're deeply hurt and broken. You would then just explode in frustration and rage that has no point at all, and that could have been prevented by a simple act of dignity that you might have done a long time ago. See, then preserving your dignity actually keeps the love going.

But again it's how you preserve your dignity that changes everything. In case of being in love, you truly have to consider the kind of relationship you're sharing. I think it's one of the most valuable relationships one could ever possess. Then it's just important to be smart while preserving and showing your dignity, taking into consideration that you're dealing with someone you could never live without.You just felt wrong and you're honest about the way you feel all along the way. All is for the sake of keeping the love.

So, I say: If you're in love never let go your dignity, but show it to preserve your love and let it live longer. Dignity is never against love. Dignity is what keeps love going. Dignity is a part of being honest about how you feel. Dignity is valuing yourself too much to be able to value your partner and your relation. Dignity is respecting yourself, and you should know, everyone should know, if you don't respect yourself, you wouldn't respect anyone. So, don't ever let go of your dignity, specially when it comes to save a love.

"I Love you with dignity!" :)

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