Sunday, March 20

Action, Reaction and Expectation

Let's talk about this whole process of actions and reactions. I wonder if there's a model for this process to judge upon. But here's how I see it.

Yep, I'm an engineer!

You do an action, that's the input. Then something happens according to this action, something that you have no control upon. But before you input the action you also set an expectation for what the action would lead to. The result of this process is the reaction, the output. Then this output, the reaction, is fed-back to be compared with the expectation, if it's validated then the process is announced successful, if it's not then the process has failed and needs to be repeated. Simple it is like anything else in the world!

I don't know why have I said what I have just said, but action, reaction and expectation are three words those have been taking a huge portion of my thinking lately.

Expect another post explaining more about these three words! 

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