Thursday, March 3

Ants know it better

A Conversation between an ant and a 10 year old boy:

Ant: So, is this city of yours like a nest to us?

Boy: yeah, sort of.

Ant: And are you all like brothers working together for the greatness of the colony?

Boy: Not exactly, it's more of everyone works for himself.

Ant: But that's so primitive, how things get done?

Boy: Well, some people work together…...

Ant: Some??!! Why not all?!

Boy: I don't know, I think it's because of the differences.

Ant: But the differences are what make us all complete. The workers, the soldiers, the scientists, the engineers, the doctors, the nurses….They are all different, but they all work together for the greatness of each one of them, for the greatness of the whole.

Inspired and taken from the movie: "The Ant Bully"

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