Thursday, March 3

Precious thoughts

You could only see your true friend once a year, but when you meet your true friend, it's as if you haven't ever left each other.

Sometimes we live on the memories, hoping they could come back and all we do is going through them again and again inside our minds preventing our lives to move on in a healthy way. Sometimes we live for the dreams, hoping we could achieve them one day and all we do is dreaming more and more and working hard only for these dreams and nothing else. And sometimes we just live and let our lives pass by...

I think 'perfect' is the only word that can't come after more or less, it can't be compared. It's either perfect or not perfect, can't be in between. And It's never perfect!

There are moments when I impress myself, and others when I depress myself. The weird connection is that the time difference between both is very small. And the depression always precedes the impression.

Your life is your closest friend, the friend who's always with you and specially when everyone else steps outside. So, don't let your life feel bad, make it glad that it's your life, your closest friend.

Feelings everywhere. Feelings that I can't share, and feelings that I can't hide. Feelings that I long to have and speak about and feelings that I wish I never had to feel. Feelings that I sense, but can't really feel. Feelings that aren't mine, but I smile knowing they are real. And feelings that can't be defined but describing them is another feeling. They are feelings of passion and hope; feelings of frustration and regret!

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."

If you don't face your problems, then your problems will face you. So it's up to you to decide whether you like to attack and win or step back and defend.

It doesn't matter how much people are around you; as long as you feel alone, you'll stay alone.
It doesn't matter how much you want to do something; as long as you are not doing it, no one will know.

Could the ghost of the one you hate the most to become alike haunts you all the time? And exactly why do I hate to become like this ghost that is haunting me?

When I say ghost, it's not necessarily to be someone who died. It could be someone who's still living but I don't see anymore, or it could just be an imaginary friend who's not welcomed to be.

If I only knew then... I would have chosen a total different path. However, it's never too late to start your desired path Today! But just after seconds of thinking, I found that I couldn't have known what my desired path is except when I went through this path I'm on right now. It just feels like I have wasted too much time. But I believe nothing is wasted, as everything was preplanned for and everything happens in my life for a reason that I need the most.

The most important is that you take actions and decisions; and everything else will be set  according to the actions you did. So, whatever happens, Choose and don't let yourself be taken by a choice!

"If you want me so much, first I have to know. Are you thoughtful and kind? Do you care what's on my mind?"

 'A wish is a weak desire'. So, I desire not to say I wish again! Because everything I wish for is actually applicable to become true, so let's plan making it come true, not just wish for it!

Amazing people are all around you, all of them wanting the best for you, truly. But you still feel unable to stand up and face life. You are waiting them to help you, although they already did by every way they could.

Well, it doesn't really matter how amazing are the people around you if you don't choose to be amazing. This privilege only made it easier for you to become amazing too; the privilege of living among amazing and great people.

You have no excuses. The responsibility is yours to choose the right path. There's nothing else to wait for, because now you have got everything you need to have to start standing out and shining. 

Whenever someone tells me: "Now that you know this, you carry the responsibility." I think why did I ever come today to listen to this?!! 

I love doing the things I used to do a couple of years ago, the things that I don't recently do. It makes me feel happy, because it reminds me of my old self, myself a couple of years ago, and more than a couple as well. I don't know if it's because I used to love who I was, or is it because I hate who I am right now. But I'm sure it's because doing things that you love doing, whether you used to do it long time ago or you do it regularly, makes you feel happy.

It's funny how people hurt each other unintentionally. It's funny how hurt people can hurt each other.

Sometimes the hard way out is the easiest way to take. Sometimes you find yourself in a critical situation that you have to choose the quickest way, naturally the hardest too, or else you'll be lost. 

"You must do the thing which you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt

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