Sunday, March 13

Music of my heart

"Music is like a drug. It goes through your veins and straight to your heart. It can make you laugh, cry, smile & think."

Sitting here alone listening to music, enjoying the cool breeze that hits my cheeks and flies my scarf on my face and looking at you as you're sitting there on the other side with your friends, maybe happy or maybe looking at me too. And so I feel a tear asking me to roll down, a tear of happiness, a tear of enjoyment, maybe, but it's a tear that should have no place in my eyes; I wonder why it asks me to come out. It's the wonderful mood I'm having right now that makes this tear wonder in my eye and it's also this wonderful mood I'm in now that lets my decline my tear's request to roll down.

Here I catch you looking at me and smiling, and I smile back. And now my favorite songs are being played. Yes, I'm sitting alone but I'm enjoying the most. And you're there at the other side, even if you're very far but I know you're there. I'm supposed to be waiting for some work to be discussed. But please no! Work, don't come now, I'm enjoying my momentary solitude. Now the tear has gone away and been replaced by a huge deep smile on my face that won't ever leave for a long while.

It's such an amazing feeling that I don't want to miss or let it end. And it's such an amazing music I'm listening to. The music of my heart!

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