Saturday, March 5

Though a part has been missed, it was just perfect.

Nothing ever changes; there are always things that you're missing. When one thing goes on well and perfect other things fade away and you get to miss them. Like you really can never have it all at the same time! You always have to make a compromise and you always have to be pleased and satisfied with it too.

And at the end of the day you have to feel the gratitude of all the good and perfect things going on with your life and let go the things you feel like you missed because you chose to miss them for you had other things much better and greater, as you thought and chose.

You got what you asked for, you got what you like, you got what you thought you had to get and you're truly happy. Then now, what is it that you feel? What is standing in between?! Why is it not enough to make you sleep with a smile on your face? There's something that burdens your heart, like a delayed task or a responsibility that weighs on your shoulders and you need to know how will you ever put it down. And the fact that it has been so long since you learned or knew anything new about that part of your life that has one of your major dreams is actually irritating.

But again I have to say, it's a compromise that you have to make. And I'm pleased by how I compromised.

And despite all, I loved my day today so much and I truly do not regret a minute of it starting with that very special cup of coffee I had and ending with that very delicious and breathtaking pizza.

Thank you today, I truly love you. And tomorrow, I promise you I'll be much more happy and loving you for always.

And yes, I'm sleeping with a very huge smile on my face as I let go all my worries about that I think I've missed and I'll keep only the perfect moments that I'm grateful for living them today.

Good night, Sweet dreams :) 

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